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Booking a hotel room long before you are to arrive at your destination can be a worry because the price could drop before you get there, and then you are stuck with the higher price. Using Tingo to book a hotel room takes the worry out of paying too much. With Tingo, you are assured of getting the lowest price for your hotel room. As you will see, using Tingo to book a hotel room and get the best price is easy. more
Tingo Consumer Q&A
im not reguler customer of tingo but worth to try, and after do research i found some interested conversation between customer and tingo, specially about 'if the price down after you booked' that they will only rebook when the total price of your reservation is less than what you've paid previously.... more
Tingo Overview
Tingo is a company owned by Smarter Travel Media. It is a trip advising company which works where customer chooses a Money Back hotel, the website keeps a stern eye if the hotel reduces its rates. Once a cheaper deal has been discovered it is rebooked. The amount saved is credited to the customer’s credit card. They use help of experts to assist customers get the best possible deals for their trips. more
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