In-Depth Review of Tingo and Customer Reviews
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In-Depth Review of Tingo and Customer Reviews

Booking a hotel room long before you are to arrive at your destination can be a worry because the price could drop before you get there, and then you are stuck with the higher price. Using Tingo to book a hotel room takes the worry out of paying too much. With Tingo, you are assured of getting the lowest price for your hotel room. As you will see, using Tingo to book a hotel room and get the best price is easy.
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Tingo — Best Features
No membership required and no fees for great hotel room savings.
Tingo will keep you updated and notify you of hotel room price changes up until the time you check in.
Best for: Those who want to book a hotel room early and not have to worry about being locked in at a higher rate if there is a price drop of their room.


Booking a hotel room for your vacation or travel plans can be a time consuming task. Tingo makes booking a hotel room easy and at the best price possible. Tingo was launched in March 2012 and is a partner of Smarter Media Travel, which is a TripAdvisor company. This gives Tingo the power to find you the best prices for hotel rooms.

Tingo currently lists great hotel room savings including:

  • Sky Country with savings up to 28% in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.
  • You can save as much as 48% in Las Vegas.
  • Jamaica has hotel room savings as much as 62%.

Tingo also shows which cities are currently the best money back destinations that include:

  • Las Vegas
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Rome
  • Chicago
  • Atlantic City
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Washington DC

How Tingo Differs

Many people will wait until the last possible moment before they book a hotel room so they can be sure to get the current and hopefully best price. One of the risks of booking a hotel room is that the price can drop before you are scheduled to arrive at your destination, which means you are already locked into the higher price.

With Tingo, you can book your hotel room early and not worry about the price dropping leaving you with the higher price booking. For example, when you book a hotel room using Tingo for $400 and the price drops to $300, Tingo will rebook the same room and automatically refund you the $100 difference and still keep your original hotel room. If the price falls again, Tingo will rebook the hotel room and refund you the difference once again. Tingo keeps you updated and will notify you each time the same room is rebooked and what your refund is. 

Another hotel booking site, Orbitz has a Price Assurance Policy, but in order to qualify for the lower price, another Orbitz member has to book a similar room in the same hotel. With Tingo, it doesn’t matter who books a similar hotel room in that hotel like other hotel booking sites require. This is where Tingo is unique and different from other hotel booking sites and companies. 

Tingo offers the following:

  • Best prices. If you find a lower price for your hotel room, Tingo will match that price and refund you the difference.
  • Free upgrades. After you have booked your hotel room, Tingo will let you know if prices change on other rooms in the same hotel and allow you to upgrade at no charge.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • There is no membership required and no fees for these services.

How the Tingo Money Back Guarantee Works

In order to qualify for this unique money back guarantee, you must first book a hotel room on Tingo that is designated as a Money Back room. These Money Back hotel rooms are designated with the Money Back icon. Most of the hotel rooms listed on Tingo has the Money Back icon.

Once you have booked your Money Back hotel room, Tingo continually checks the price for that hotel, room type and your booking date up until just before your stay. If the total price of your room reservation drops, Tingo will automatically rebook you at the lower price. There is no fee for this rebooking. Once your trip is complete, Tingo will refund all of your hotel room savings to your credit card. Tingo has a ticker on the bottom their website that shows the names or people, the dates and how much they recently saved on hotel rooms.

How to Book a Hotel Room on Tingo

Finding a hotel room on Tingo is easy as you can see by these simple instructions.

  • You can find your hotel by first typing in the city you will be traveling to.
  • You then enter in your check-in and check-out dates.
  • Enter in how many rooms you will need.
  • Next enter in the number of adults and the number of children.
  • Click “Lets Go” and you will be presented with a screen showing you a list of hotel rooms in your destination city and the Money Back icon.
  • Each hotel room listed will have the starting price for your criteria. The prices are per night. Each listing will have complete details about the hotel and the hotel room.

You can refine your hotel room search using the following options:

  • Average nightly rates that range from less than $75 and $300 and up.
  • Star ratings.
  • TripAdvisor ratings.
  • Locations in miles from a certain address.
  • Neighborhoods
  • Amenities
  • Accessibility features

You can book your hotel room with Tingo online or by telephone by calling 1-888-897-0887.

Tingo Customer Ratings and Comments

Tingo has an excellent overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 on with the following customer comments.

  • “Tingo worked as advertised. I received a refund on my hotel reservation when the nightly rate decreased below the amount I had paid. I would use again without hesitation and recommend highly.” – Paul M.
  • “It was easy to use. The price guarantee was a huge boost in confidence that this was the site to make my reservations through. I'm not the most verbose person, but those were the biggest selling points for me. I'd highly recommend it to my friends.” – Penguins
  • “I was surprised and happy having booked my hotel via Tingo. The price guarantee is real and the payback effectively takes places without superfluous and boring paperwork, it all went very smoothly. Go on like this and never change a winning team :-)”
  • “First time out with this company, within a week of booking our rooms we had a reduction. By the time we checked in we had save $66.50. I love that kind of return, wouldn't you. I have already used a second booking with them and plan to use them were ever I can. I have no complaints with TINGO.”
  • “We planned our West Coast trip well in advance. Routinely, we received e-mails reminding us that Tingo was looking out for possible rate reductions. It was as if a friend was looking out for us. In most cases, Tingo re-booked us at reduced rates, so the "friend" was pretty effective. We were very happy and will do it again the next time we plan a trip.” – Tokt

  • "I was told that after my initial outlay Tingo would see about any lowering of hotel rates. After the adjustment was made, I got my money refunded promptly, without any further action on my part.”
  • "Just as they advertise. Found this as a new site , always leery when something sounds to good to be true. Made reservations for Orlando hotel just what was needed for our group of ladies. Booked two rooms and was notified by several e mails they were still watching. Close to our departure date received e mail that we would be refunded $119.00. Refund showed up on my credit card promptly. Will no doubt use this site again. Have recommended it to several people. I was happy with the price before we got the refund so refund added benefit.” – Sandisue
  • Tingo was easy to use and as mentioned, sent frequent e-mails when the price was lowered, as well as to let you know they were still watching. I received $55 rebate after my return for my hotel in Rome.”
  • “My experience with Tingo was not bad. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the Hotel/Motel that they had recommended for my stay in Richland, WA. I would hope that they do better research on some of these establishments before they recommend them. After complaining about the Hotel they did refund some of the money that I had paid for the room. Because they were no more rooms available in the city at the time I was forced to stay at the Hotel”
  • “Made a reservation in July for a Vegas stay in September, and in late August got a rebate of $55! All my family had to pay full price, even though we all booked at the same rate on different websites (I, obviously, booked on Tingo). Would definitely book again through them. I didn't have to cancel, though, so I can't speak about them in that respect, but I did check my credit card statement and they charge you on the day you make the reservation, rather than when you check into the hotel like how it normally works.”
  • “It was easy to make the reservations and best part was that you were updated not only when there was a price difference, but even when there wasn't a difference , they would send an email saying they are still looking into it on a regular basis. They did not leave me wondering what was going on.”

  • Tingo was really easy to use. No problems with check-in or check-out and no hidden fees. They also kept us informed about our reservation and discounts as they occurred. We received our credit on our next billing statement. We definitely would use Tingo again on future bookings.”
  • “I reserved online, and was able to select a larger room, with breakfast. The check in and check out was smooth. The only extra I had to pay was a newly instituted city tax that went into effect September 1, 2012. The room rate dropped several times, and each time I received an update from Tingo as to the new rate, and a new reservation number, and was given an opportunity to select a different room size. I received my refund/credit on my credit card statement in a prompt manner. Completely hassle free. I would certainly recommend using Tingo.” – DiscountTravel
  • “Booked a hotel room in downtown Boston using Tingo on a recent 10 day trip to the New England States. They had the best price. We never expected to see any refund. When we got our email stating we were getting a $45.50 refund we were more than pleased. They kept sending emails saying they were still checking if the price would go lower, but we were already guaranteed the lower rate. How can you go wrong using Tingo - they do all the work for you.”


As you can see, customers are very happy with Tingo and most customers save money on their hotel room bookings. Almost all of the customer comments were very positive with very few problems reported with Tingo. One customer complained that Tingo worked great, but the hotel staff didn’t seem to understand Tingo and the staff thought they should have paid more for their room. 

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Comments (2)
Tingo does not work as advertised they promise that if the otel drops it rates on the nights your staying you'll get a refund but you don't they just use a range of room names and so as other rooms become cheaper they claim they aren't the same - they're better That's right better rooms at better prices and they leave you in a class they will say is no longer available at a high price with you guessed it no refund. So much for 'rest easy' so now you're over-paying for a worse room! Trust me booking through them is a bad idea. Be careful
Tingo does not work as advertised they promise that if the otel drops it rates on the nights your staying you'll get a refund but you don't they just use a range of room names and so as other rooms become cheaper they claim they aren't the same - they're better That's right better rooms at better prices and they leave you in a class they will say is no longer available at a high price with you guessed it no refund. So much for 'rest easy' so now you're over-paying for a worse room! Trust me booking through them is a bad idea. Be careful
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